Anti-Hazing Information

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. joins other fraternities, sororities, parents and academic institutions in the fight against hazing. No one person can eliminate hazing. It takes the commitment of everyone involved in the process of joining a group organization to make it happen. We encourage you to join us to make this world a better place through hazing prevention.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. strictly prohibits hazing in any form whether physical or mental as a term or condition of membership in the organization. Hazing is illegal and a crime in most jurisdictions. Aspirants to the organization should participate only in the sanctioned membership process of the fraternity. Aspirants must not agree to submit to hazing in order to obtain fraternity membership.

Pledging has been officially abolished as a means of obtaining membership in Alpha Phi Alpha, and pledge “lines” have been officially abolished by the fraternity. Candidates must not submit themselves, or agree to submit themselves, to any membership activities that are prohibited by the fraternity. Members of Alpha Phi Alpha are forbidden from requiring any candidate to engage in prohibited membership activities. Members of Alpha Phi Alpha are not authorized to require any candidate to engage in prohibited membership activities.

All official contact and correspondence to the candidate regarding new member activities will come from the Corporate Headquarters of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. via the Director of Membership Services. The only official and sanctioned contact regarding new membership activities is outlined for the candidate in the fraternity’s description of the membership process. Candidates should only participate in membership activities when the date, time and place have been established by the Corporate Headquarters. Furthermore, no individual member or chapter of the fraternity may require additional or different terms or conditions of membership for a candidate or group of candidates. Candidates should immediately report any infraction or irregularity in new member activities to the Corporate Headquarters.

“ any action taken or situation created that involves or results in abusive physical contact or mental harassment of a prospective fraternity member. Any such action is considered HAZING whether it occurs on or off the fraternity premises, campus or place where chapters or prospective members meet. HAZING also is described as any action that results in excessive mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment or harassment. Such activities include, but are not limited to, paddling, creation of excessive fatigue, physical or psychological shock, morally degrading or humiliating activities, late work sessions that interfere with scholastic activities and any other activities inconsistent with fraternal law and the regulations and policies of the affiliated educational institution and federal, state or local law. The above-described actions are expressly forbidden. Members or chapters involved in such infractions are subject to disciplinary action.” –THE STANDING ORDERS of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Anyone who participates in hazing an aspirant does not represent Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Instead, the fraternity will consider that person a criminal. Any person who commits hazing is individually and personally liable to the victim and can be subject to a lawsuit for monetary damages. Individuals involved in hazing also face severe disciplinary action by the fraternity.

Any grievances and disputes regarding membership intake should be referred to the national intake director for investigation and resolution. Aspirants to the organization agree to follow all rules, regulations and guidelines relating to the intake process. The aspirant further agrees to report in writing any infractions and violations of the rules, regulations and guidelines relating to the intake process. Failure by the aspirant to abide by the intake process or to report illegal activities may exclude the aspirant from membership in the fraternity. The information should be sent to:

National Director of Membership Services
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
2313 St. Paul Street; Baltimore, MD 21218

Your role as a parent is important as your child decides whether to join a fraternity or sorority. Encourage your child to find out more information about the organization. They can do this using the Internet, by talking with members and by attending an informational seminar and/or sponsored events. Ask questions about the group your child is considering, but trust that he/she will make the best decision for him/herself. If your child joins a Greek organization, stay involved by attending chapter events or community service projects with them. Most important, be as supportive as you can. The decision to join a fraternity or sorority is a lifelong commitment with benefits extending far beyond one's college years.


  • Below is some information parents can use to determine if your son may be a victim of hazing and/or participating in any illegal pledge activities.


  • Trust your common sense. If you question the value, safety or potential negative impact of an activity, then you have the right to express concern and get an explanation. Start by asking your child to explain the things the group is requiring him/her to participate in to become a member. If he/she is resistant or simply will not answer you, then that should be a red flag.
  • Is your child engaging in activities meant to earn his/her place with an organization that are inconsistent with his/her character or are the activities embarrassing or abusive?
  • Is your child losing weight, sleeping excessively or always tired, avoiding coming home or staying out late, having trouble sitting and/or showing signs of depression?